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Mister Bitters Stir Things Up pack (3 x100ml)


Country of origin:   Australia         Alcohol content: 39% Alcohol by Volume

This combination makes a fantastic gift and includes all three original flavours:

Fig & Cinnamon 100ml

A mildly spice blend of Australian figs, cinnamon, gentian and a range of spices. Christmas comes every day of the year with a few drops of this elixir.

Honeyed Apricot & Smoked Hickory Bitters 100ml

A sweet front and smoky finish with a blend of leatherwood honey, apricot and smoked hickory. Adds depth and complexity to a Negroni.

Pink Grapefruit & Agave Bitters 100ml

A bitter citrus and agave blend that characteristically works well with Tequila. Adds a new level of flavor to a Tommy's Margarita. 

About Mister Bitters:

Mister Bitters is Australia's first bitters company based in Melbourne.  Created for the mutual love of bitters by the guys behind Lily Blacks cocktail bar and us at OnlyBitters.com, combined wanted to create a greater Australian presence in the bitters culture across the globe, offering unique new flavour combinations.

Our motto is simple: Stir things up!

Mister Bitters Stir Things Up pack (3 x100ml) Reviews

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enjoyed the flavours

Posted by Unknown on 1st May 2015

i really enjoyed the unique flavours of these bitters