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Meletti 1870 Aperitivo Bitter 700ml


Country of origin:   ITALY        Alcohol content: 25% Alcohol by Volume

Meletti 1870 is a traditional Italian aperitivo, it is usually enjoyed with a splash of club soda or mixed with vermouth and soda to make an Americano,1870 also lends itself to many other interesting cocktail applications.

Try this as an alternative to Campari in your Negroni.

Tasting note: 1870 keeps with the family’s tradition of using the finest, natural ingredients. Sweet and bitter orange and an infusion of herbs and spices are blended with pure spirits to create a pleasantly bitter, yet refreshing aperitivo. The flavor profile is impressively complex starting with sweet citrus, moving through a bitter midpalate, and finishing with gentian, coriander, cinnamon, and clove notes.

Production: Three separate distillates, sweet orange, bitter orange, and a spice and herb infusion are blended with pure spirits.


For over 140 years, the Meletti family have been producing their famous Anisetta liqueur from their own distillate and locally grown star anise. Ascoli Piceno’s combo of Mediterranean climate and clayey soil are perfect for growing fine spices, and the anise has been part of the scenery for centuries. The family use much the same methods as were originally practiced, meaning a liqueur that is far from a mass produced product. Each of the elements are of the highest quality, and the family themselves are a pleasure to deal with. These are timeless, and find many uses in recipes and cocktails, as well as behind a bar. 

Meletti 1870 Aperitivo Bitter 700ml Reviews

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