Mascaro Vermouth Premium 750ml

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Mascaro Vermouth Premium 750ml

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Country of origin:   SPAIN         Alcohol content: 15% Alcohol by Volume

The wine used to produce this vermouth is Parellada and comes from the Mascaro estate “Mas Miquel “, formerly owned by the Cistercian monks from the nearby monastery of Santes Creus (Tarragona).

To produce this vermouth they use holandas (wine spirit) aged in oak barrels bought by Narciso Mascaró, who was popularly known as “Siset” and was the founder of the company. The holandas are distilled from the Ugni Blanc grape varietal.

The aromatic characteristics of this vermouth come from the generous use of artemisia, juniper and orange peel, among others.


Clear and bright with mahogany colour and some hints of amber.
On the nose it displays aromas such as dry and aromatic herbs, liquorice and some balsamic type notes.
There is a high intensity on the palate with an excellent balance between acidity and bitterness. A touch of sweetness and a light bitterness at the end.

Long, intense and fresh finish thanks to the predominant orange and citric fruit aromas.


Ideal temperature: 8-10 ºC. It can also be served on ice.


Ideal to serve on ice with a twist of orange or grapefruit.
Perfect for the aperitif time or as a base for cocktails as Americano or Negroni.

About Mascaro

Since 1946 Mascaró family has taken care of controlling the quality of its products throughout all the production process from “vineyard to bottle”.

For three generations the MASCARÓ family has been dedicated to the production of distillates, cavas and wines of high quality, with a clear vocation to unite tradition and modernity.

MASCARÓ cellars and distillery are located in Vilafranca, 48 km from Barcelona.

PLEASE NOTE: It is OnlyBitters view that you should refrigerate Vermouth after opening.

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