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Marionette Groseille Liqueur 500ml *Limited Release*


Country of origin:   AUSTRALIA        Alcohol content: 25.00% Alcohol by Volume

Two generations of the Clark family have grown berries in the Tassie Soil. The chilly winters of the Derwent Valley ensure Richard Clark’s small redcurrant crop is full of goodness by the summer harvest time. It’s with these very Tasmanian berries that Marionette brings back the classic French redcurrant liqueur Groseille. This elusive ingredient will let you create Christmas in a glass, at any time of the year.
Serving Suggestion:
Enjoy over ice, in a refreshing Pink G&T, or in a classic cocktail such as the Artist’s Special.
About Marionette:
Marionette was created by a group of veteran Melbourne bartenders wanting to celebrate Australian produce and bring liqueurs back into the spotlight. They start with fresh fruit from good people and work hard to capture every last bit of flavour from the produce. Their focus is to create the optimal building blocks for both classic and modern cocktails—a careful balancing act of of tart, sweet, and alcohol. 

Marionette Groseille Liqueur 500ml *Limited Release* Reviews

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