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Le Lab Syrups Ancestral Tonique (Ol'timer's Tonic) Syrup 500ml

Alcohol Content:
0% ABV
Tonic Syrup

Country of origin:   Canada         Alcohol content: 0% Alcohol by Volume

Artisanal tonic floral notes and fresh citrus.

This tonic by the LAB, is the result of dozens of trials ...and an unspeakable amount of gin tonic! Far from the hyper-sweetened products on the market, Ancestral Tonic syrup has a slight astringency supported by floral notes and fresh citrus. A simply divine nectar!


water, sugar, quinine and mixtures of herbs and plants

Mixing Notes:

The Classic Gin & Tonic

1 oz (30 ml) syrup Tonic Ancestral 
2 oz (60 ml) gin 
Toper in soda Perrier

Quantity : 1 Preparation  time: 5 minutes Pour the gin and tonic in a glass Old Fashion.Cover with ice. Complete Perrier. Decorating : Decorate with a slice of lime or a sprig of rosemary

By Fabien Maillard, Lab, cocktail bar, September 2013

About Le Lab:

This syrup was designed and built in Quebec by Labtenders LAB with 100% natural ingredients. Made the traditional way, in small quantities, this syrup decorates cocktails but is also used in the kitchen!

Refrigerate after opening.

Le Lab Syrups Ancestral Tonique (Ol'timer's Tonic) Syrup 500ml Reviews

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