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Kari's Nouveau Gift Set (5 x 30ml)


Country of origin:   US        Alcohol content: 40% Alcohol by Volume

Crabapple-Cranberry    Ginger Black Peppercorn    Hop Citrus     Old Fashioned     Elderflower Black Currant  


About Kari's:


Kari’s Island Elixirs Bitters are VERY small batch bitters hand crafted on beautiful San Juan Island in Washington State.  The island’s mild maritime climate allows for year round growing and harvest of a number of traditional bittering botanicals used in digestive tonics and restoratives such as dandelion, Oregon grape, angelica, hyssop, hawthorne, gentian, yarrow and rhubarb.  Many of the herbs, roots, barks, and berries used in their bitters are wild foraged from the islands or are garden grown at Kari’s small home garden on Nettle Creek . Kari’s Island Elixir Bitters are used as traditional digestifs taken alone or in fizzy water, or used to enliven your favourite spirited cocktails.  They use all real botanicals –no extracts, so use liberally to experience the full complexity of flavours. Their offerings reflect classic bitter profiles as well as seasonal San Juan island favorites, all slightly sweetened with a touch of honey from Kari’s island bees. 






Kari's Nouveau Gift Set (5 x 30ml) Reviews

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