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InstaFoam 100ml


Country of origin:   USA         Alcohol content: 0% Alcohol by Volume

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Create the perfect egg white replacement for your cocktails with an all natural, vegan-friendly, non-GMO liquid.

InstaFoamTM will give you a frothy and thick foam that will last long after other foams have gone flat.

This all natural, Kosher, non-GMO liquid will work across a wide range of pH and temperatures to create a superior, long lasting foam without the need for egg whites and their risk of bacterial contamination.

You’ll just love it’s lacy appearance and exceptional mouth feel. By preventing smaller bubbles from developing into larger bubbles with thinning walls that collapse at the liquids surface, InstaFoamTM will create a volume of foam for your drink that will remain stable for just pennies a glass.

You can even stencil on InstaFoam and not worry about it bleeding out.

Use InstaFoamTM in

- Pisco Sours, Whiskey Sours, Ramos Gin Fizz or any other cocktails or Mocktails requiring a foam finish
- Beer, root beer, cider to produce a long lasting head of foam with great mouth feel
- Coffee drinks such as cappuccino and let your artistry flow
- Mocktails or cocktails and never worry about egg whites again
- Smoothies and watch them take on a new texture with a lacy head of foam
- Whipped toppings that never go flat
- Ice cream preparations and get a smooth textured milkshake or soda fountain drink
- Any frozen or frozen carbonated beverage

Instructions on how to use InstaFoam:

InstaFoamTM will provide you with a constant, reliable foam that will last hours after preparing a cocktail or mocktail. To achieve the best results please follow these guidelines:

- Have your cocktail/mocktail ingredients cold or add ice

- The more sugar in a cocktail, the bigger the foaming response, so adjust the drops accordingly. Simple syrup is a great addition for ingredients with a very low sugar content.

- Place your ingredients into the mixing container and add 1-2 drops InstaFoamTM. Agitation is the key to creating a stable foam. This can be achieved by shaking a cocktail in a cocktail shaker, or by using a stick wand or blender, taking care to have no more than ½ of the container filled with liquid. Add no more than 2 drops for every cocktail to prevent overflow.

- Beer can maintain a stable foam with just one drop added to the glass before pouring.

- Carbonated beverages can maintain a foam with just 2 drops in a glass. Pour from an increased height to achieve a fuller head of foam

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Really works

Posted by Unknown on 20th Jun 2016

Makes a very stable foam raft, adds texture and very silky mouthfeel to drinks. Removes all the complications of raw egg and caters to vegan requests. Very responsive to soda water or anything with high carbonation. Works with dry shake/wet shake techniques.