Country of origin:   USA         Alcohol content: 0% Alcohol by Volume

Horball’s Strawberry Mint Drinking Vinegar is a refreshing combination of succulent strawberry and fresh mint flavors. Like all of the Horball’s products, it is made in small batches with care from locally sourced ingredients. Try with a splash of soda, as part of a mule, in a beer shandy, or visit the recipes section for more ideas.

They don’t add any crazy chemicals and they don’t cut their beverages with water. Real fruit. Real sugar. Real vinegar. No concentrates or syrups. Fruit is listed first in the ingredients for a reason – a ton of fruit goes into each batch. Each bottle is handcrafted by people who care about quality in Raleigh, NC, USA. They firmly believe that old world techniques, small craft batches, and the freshest all-natural ingredients make the best drinking vinegars. When you drink with Horball’s, you are drinking the best.

Ingredients: strawberries, vinegar, cane sugar, mint.


Horball’s is the completely necessary vanity project of four totally normal guys from Raleigh. They are somewhere in between the cocktail God from the Book of Horball’s and someone who wants to be able to have a good drink by adding one thing to liquor and drinking it right now.

They’ve been to awesome cocktail bars all over the world and love what shrubs bring to the game. They add a completely new dimension to cocktails. And for people whose life doesn’t revolve around complicating booze, they can be used to make delicious sodas or flavored waters. Also, health benefits blah yadda so on whatever.

By day they are scientists who optimize recipes for a living. By night, they drink. Shrubs are like bringing their work home with them and combining it with something they actually enjoy: making cocktails so fancy it’s probably classified as an official personality disorder.

They love this stuff and through some “hard work” they have created some amazing shrubs from quality ingredients that are complex enough to bring something completely new to your palate but simple enough to be versatile in many recipes. Through “even harder work” they love to create new awesome cocktail recipes for you to enjoy Horball’s with.

They’re excited to share this stuff with the world and hopefully create some more cocktail snobs which means there’s nothing wrong with them at all and being this fancy is perfectly normal. Validate their obsession: become a convert to Horball’s.


Barcode # 850005111009
Brand Horball's
Shipping Weight 0.9360kg
Shipping Width 8cm
Shipping Height 8cm
Shipping Length 19cm

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