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Hammered Copper Jigger (30ml/60ml / 1oz/2oz)

AUD $29.95

Hammered Copper Jigger (30ml/60ml / 1oz by 2oz)

With the professional bartending and craft cocktail movement jiggers are becoming more and more important. Why not keep control of your inventory in style with this Hammered Copper Jigger? This 30/60ml (1 and 2 ounce) jigger is made of solid copper and hammered to create that vintage old world look and feel that is so prevalent in today's bar scene. It stands roughly 3.75 inches tall and is the perfect option for bars or restaurants that want to project style while still being accurate.

  • Made of solid copper
  • Vintage hammered design
  • 30ml/60ml (1oz by 2oz) measurements
  • Height: 9.53cm (3.75")

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