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Guillaumette Genepi 375ml

AUD $59.95

Country of Origin:  France               TYPE: Liqueur              ABV: 45%

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Génépi is an alpine flower that is used in the base of many herbal aperitif/digestif liqueurs including, we suspect, Chartreuse.

Thomas Bernard-Reymond produces this rare and wonderful spirit based on his grandparents' recipe using a combination of genepi that he grows and hand-harvests from his farm and the local mountains.

Tasting Notes:

Overall everything is very well balanced and integrated with a sweet and savory focus. A sweet almond flavor greets the entry on the palate accented by delicate mountain flowers with a bitter herbal finish that is carried with mouthwatering acidity. It could also be described as buttery like chamomile and bitter like wormwood, it is complex and refreshing at the same time.

You can of course drink it on its own, but it can easily work its way into cocktails as it works beautifully with gin and does amazing things when paired with tequila. 


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