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Gamila Saffron Extract 30ml

AUD $23.95

Country of origin:   Australia         Alcohol content: 46% Alcohol by Volume

Saffron Extract is like salt in that it enhances flavours and makes them more present. Saffron extract is also used to crate mouth feel, colour & flavour your drinks and add effortless wow and balance.

Enjoy in many cocktails like an Aviator with Pickled Cherries,Peach Bellini or simply a G&T.


Gamila's premium Australian saffron comes from the heart of the high country, on a sunny north facing slope, just outside of Beechworth. Handpicked in autumn, it is aged for 6 months to help develop its flavour, it is then sealed in light and air tight sachets, or processed into this unique saffron extract, ensuring you receive only the best quality Australian saffron in your kitchen.

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