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Dr Sours Bitters #18 Lavanda 125ml

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Country of origin:   Mexico        Alcohol content: 39% Alcohol by Volume

"Lavanda" has a floral bitter-sweet overtone with resembling notes of rosemary an cinnamon. The name of this herb, after all, comes from the Latin word for washing and the fresh scent of lavender almost immediately creates a sense of wellbeing and tranquility from your nose to your body. Lavender's flavour and aroma are instantly recognizable, which makes it a perfect unexpected culinary herb. Mellow but assertive, lavender rides on rich flavors and textures while giving your new creations a much needed lift. You probably never thought of a Mexican Lavender Bitter, but we did… You’re welcome. 

Serving suggestion: The #18 serves as an Excellent combination with gin, vodka, tequila and ver-mouth or champagne cocktails. 


About Dr Sours:

Depending on their style and key flavors, Dr. Sours Bitters come in 6 different categories: Citrus, Floral, Herbal, Mexican, Spicy and Sweet & Smokey.

This range of bitters is unique in OnlyBitters.com as it is the only bitters raneg that use Mescal as their base.

Each of their Mezcal based bitters has been developed to enhance new cocktail creations and to assist anyone who wants to add a revolutionary kind of flavor to their recipes, whether its food or drinks. 

The careful use of Mexican herbs brings the “essential remedy” quality to their bitters. Every ingredient and flavor of Dr. Sours Bitters has been carefully selected and developed by the founders personally and they are the only artisanal and handcrafted bitters „Hecho en México“ inspired by Mexican traditional cuisine. 

Their bitters are hand made in small batches using no artificial flavors or dyes. 

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