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Dillon's Bitter Lime Bitters 100ml

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Country of origin:   CANADA        Alcohol content: 50.00% Alcohol by Volume

Lime and more lime, with red peppercorns providing a bite at the finish. Perfect for a Margarita.

About Dillon's Small Batch Distillery:

Dillon’s Small Batch Distillery is a Canadian distiller that has developed a line of bitters based on traditional recipes so that the full range of flavours that were intended to be experienced in many cocktails could be restored. All their bitters start with Niagara grape distillate (they are located in the area) to which various fruits, herbs, spices and bittering agents have been added. They use local ingredients wherever possible, and source the purest, often organic, highest quality components from leading growers and importers.

"We take pride in handcrafting products using copper pot stills and fresh local ingredients without artificial flavours or colours. Dillon’s strives to make new spirits from old ideas and to do so with unparalleled quality, one small batch at a time" Geoff Dillon

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