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Crude "QUAR TIKI" Bitters (Almond-Pineapple-Allspice) 60ml

AUD $28.95

Country of origin:   USA        Alcohol content: 29.00% Alcohol by Volume

The 2018 tropical tiki-style bitters! 

Roasted sweet almonds provide a deep nutty aroma up front. Tropical sweetness and dark/spicy, almost chocolately notes will round out the flavor. A lasting bitterness will round out those sweeter, easy sippin' cocktails. Perfect with all types of rum and tequila.

 About Crude: 

North Carolina’s first, and currently only, cocktail bitters company. The first, and currently only bitters company to ever win a Good Food Award!

Crude Bitters & Sodas was started in 2012 to craft cocktail bitters for light and dark spirits and to blend unique flavor combinations to enhance the overall flavor of a cocktail. Each bitters and soda flavor is hand-made by human hands utilizing only the finest ingredients and careful attention.

Why “crude”? The name is in reference to the rudimentary origins of bitters. Exotic (and undocumented) roots, herbs and spices were aged in various liquids and beneficial (and unverified) claims attached to them. Hence, crude.

The crude moniker does not reflect their methods. Crude Bitters are crafted in small batches from 100% maceration in alcohol, with no glycerin, chemicals or dyes. No plastic or metal is used in the storage or aging of their bitters; glass pots or wood barrels are used exclusively to reduce any possible reaction or contamination. The ingredients are all natural and selection, preparation, maceration, bottling and labeling is done by hand. Cocktail bitters are used to enhance a cocktail, give a slight edge to the nightcap, and sub-par bitters can leave your drink in ruin. 



Crude "QUAR TIKI" Bitters (Almond-Pineapple-Allspice) 60ml Reviews

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