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Cocktail Crate Spiced Old Fashioned Syrup 375ml


Country of origin:   USA         Alcohol content: 0% Alcohol by Volume

Cocktail Crate's Spiced Old Fashioned mixer combines cinnamon, fresh cut orange peel, allspice, and turbinado sugar into a pleasingly aromatic accompaniment to your favorite bourbon or rye whiskey. 

Just combine 2oz whiskey with a 1/2- 3/4oz splash of the mixer, stir with ice, and enjoy.

Made by hand in small batches in Long Island City, New York. 

Mixing Notes:


This recipe was invented by a bartender at Chicago's The Violet Hour during a recent visit by Alex. The cinnamon and smoke from the mixers put a tasty and unusual spin on the classic old fashioned cocktail. 

2oz bourbon or rye whiskey
1/2oz Holiday Old Fashioned mixer
1/4oz Smoky Hops mixer

Stir with ice thirty seconds. Garnish with an orange peel. 

Refrigerate after opening.   

Cocktail Crate Spiced Old Fashioned Syrup 375ml Reviews

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Slick syrups that make home-cocktails a sophisticated affair

Posted by Jackie McMillan on 27th Jun 2015

I ordered three flavours - the Spiced Smoky Hops was great with a Japanese whisky - gave it a bit more body and length without taking away from the whisky itself. The Old Fashioned was probably my favourite - tried it with my mainstay whisky - Laiphroaig and it went down a treat! Again lengthened the drink, without harming the peaty beauty of the whisky. The Spiced Sriracha was quite nice as a palate stripping post-work drink with tequila, but I am not sure I'd want a second one of them.