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BTW Tonic Syrup 500 ml


Country of origin:   UK         Alcohol content: 0% Alcohol by Volume

The UK's first craft Tonic Water

At London gin bar "214 Bermondsey", Nick Crispini set out to bring together the widest array of gins from the best distilleries. He & fellow gin lover Lawrence Mason found however that the diversity of the gin was often obscured by the taste of most commercial tonics. 

Nick & Lawrence set out to develop a new tonic that was designed to preserve & complement the unique flavours in every gin. The result is a smooth & crisp tonic with only natural quinine flavours & none of the commonly found cloying bitter-sweetness of other tonics.

BTW's natural quinine content comes from Cinchona bark, which also lends the tonic its distinctive golden hue.

Crafted in Bermondsey, London, BTW is an all-natural tonic dedicated to enhancing the experience of a G&T.

1 x 500ml bottle of concentrated Tonic Syrup, designed to be mixed with sparkling water to make your own Tonic Water, alternativley the syrup can be used in cocktails.

Each bottle will yield around 20 serves when lengthened. 

Refrigerate after opening.

*Tonic syrups have a very long shelf life. However some of our syrup suppliers like to use best-before dates for their products. A best-before date is not a use-by date, but simply a rough guide to achieving the best quality flavours.

The advice we have received is that a best before date of January 2015 is the end of January. Please do be aware that once you open the bottle, it must be refrigerated, and preferably consumed within 4 weeks.

The Food Standards Australia website states that “You can still eat foods for a while after the best before date as they should be safe but they may have lost some quality.”

Mixing Notes:

BTW: The Way Gin Intended

25ml BTW Tonic Syrup
50ml Gin
100ml-150ml Carbonated Water (to taste)
Mix ingredients over ice in a tall glass. Add syrup last so it bleeds through the drink...

The Jewel in The Crown

25ml Gin
25ml Aperol
25ml BTW Tonic Syrup
50ml Fresh Pink Grapefruit Juice
Mix ingredients in a Boston Tin with plenty of ice. Shake hard. Double strain into a coupette. Sweet, sharp & zesty

Rusty Spoons

35ml Gin
35ml BTW Tonic Syrup
Squeeze of Lime
Dash of Bitters
Serve up over ice. Just like they would have done way back when.

BTW...it's a Vesper

40ml Gin
20ml Vodka
5ml Lillet Blanc
5ml BTW Tonic Syrup
5ml Becherovka
3ml Grenadine
Add all ingredients into a boston tin & shake with plenty of ice.
Shake hard. Double strain into a coupette. 

The name's Tonic, Bermondsey Tonic.


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