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Brogan's Way Strawberry Spiced Gin 700ml


Country of origin:   Australia        Alcohol content: 38% Alcohol by Volume


Brogan’s Way Strawberry Spiced Gin is the first in the Seasonal Sensations range of limited release seasonal gins.

Made in collaboration with Melbourne based craft liquor producers and fruit distillers, Marionette.

This aromatic Strawberry Spiced Gin is the brain child of a bunch of flavour driven distillers trying to create something that’s just a little bit special.

Together with the Marionette team they took one of the Brogan's Way Australian Dry style recipes, full of punchy juniper character, fresh grapefruit citrus notes, and soft spicy finish of Australian native pepper berry; and infused it with ‘ugly’ strawberries sourced straight from their mate Jimmy Ripepi, in the Yarra Valley, making the fresh a delicate strawberry flavours the focal point of this gin.

There are no artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners, the beautiful colour in the bottle and gentle sweetness in the spirit comes 100% from the strawberries and spiced with the addition of fresh basil and more pepper berries.

This limited-edition gin is set to make this a sensational summer!


About Brogan's Way:

Well Brogan is a wonderful new distiller, that seems to have let gin shaped her way.

She's qualified as a medical laboratory scientist. She loved the precision of science and investigative nature of the work but working in labs wasn’t enough. She retrained as a distiller, recently finishing a Master of Science Brewing & Distilling at Heriot Watt University in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Distilling has brought her a new perspective to what she loves about science. It brings a refined twist to the old ways, and is a lot more delicious. Distilling allows her to bring all her different ideas to life and create gins across the full sensory experience.

You’ll find a lot of unique Australian botanicals in her gins – there are so many interesting possibilities when you bring these native flavours together. She wants to challenge the ingrained concept of what gin is and show how diverse it can be.

Her gins celebrate different flavours and her view that there is a gin for every moment. Every day is full of meaningful moments which is what she tries to bring to her way of making gin.

About Marionette:
Marionette was created by four Melbourne hospitality professionals wanting to celebrate Australian produce and bring liqueurs back into the spotlight. They start with fresh fruit from good people and work hard to capture every last bit of flavour from the produce. Their focus is on creating the optimal building blocks for both classic and modern cocktails—a careful balancing act of sweetness, acidity, and alcohol intensity.


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