We Love Orange Liqueur - So Will You

Simply stated, we love Orange Liqueur, and with all our delicious bitters we know we will make you fall in love too. So let’s get down to the Bitter Truth. No literally The Bitter Truth bitters brand.

The first orange bitters, according to The Bitter Truth, were released in the 1880’s as supplements for “stomach bitters.” Once bar tenders realized how much these tasty bitters could enhance their alcohols they began mixing them in with all their drinks! The bitter truth has been producing this orange liqueur for 8 years now, perfecting and working on keeping the old school structure of the original orange bitters.

Not only is the Orange Bitters from The Bitter Truth delicious but it is also 99.99% all natural, they snuck a little caramel in to give us the perfect 1880’s color. What is great about The Bitter Truth is that they also pay tribute to the start of our beloved orange liqueur by bottling their bitters in custom 1880’s style medicine bottles. Staying perfectly true to the bitters we’ve loved since the beginning.

Wondering what kind of flavors you will get with Orange Bitters from The Bitter Truth?

  • Orange (obviously)
  • Cardamom
  • Caraway
  • Nutmeg

The combination of these flavors and smells, guarantee a delicious drink every time.

Remember: all of our bitters contain alcohol, meaning you should not share this delicious flavor enhancer with your kids. As much as you may want them to taste the best drink you have ever had in your life… They can wait.

Fall in love with your drinks again, with a great take on the original- Orange Liqueur.