The Amazing Yuzu Fruit

The Amazing Yuzu Fruit

Posted by Only Bitters On 9th Apr 2017 In yuzu, cocktail

Yuzu fruitThe Yuzu fruit is a culinary wonder, widely used in Japan and now gaining popularity internationally.

The Yuzu originated and grows wild in central China and Tibet. It was introduced to Japan and Korea during the Tang Dynasty and it is in these nations that it is cultivated most widely.The yuzu's flavour is tart, closely resembling that of the grapefruit, with overtones of mandarin orange. It has a fragrant aroma and refreshing flavour that’s less tart than its citrus counterparts. It is rarely eaten as a fruit, though in the Japanese cuisine its aromatic zest (outer rind) is used to garnish some dishes, and its juice is commonly used as a seasoning, somewhat as lemon is used in other cuisines.

It is an integral ingredient (along with sudachi, daidai, and other similar fruits) in the citrus-based sauce ponzu, and yuzu vinegar is also produced. Yuzu is often combined with honey to make yuzu hachimitsu —a kind of syrup that is used to make yuzu tea or as an ingredient in alcoholic drinks such as the yuzu sour.

In addition to containing more Vitamin C than lemons, yuzu is high in calcium, potassium and citric acid. Most of all, yuzu is highly versatile. Gin works especially well with the tart elements of the fruit.

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