Shrubs: Their Dirty Little Secret

Shurbs. Delicious, flavor boosting shrubs. Adding shrubs to your drinks, as we’ve seen here, increases flavor and overall enjoyment of the drink. It’s no secret that shrubs are the perfect addition to every cocktail. So what are shrubs dirty little secret? Well…**SPOILER ALERT** they can be used in more than just drinks! Thanks right, shrubs are perfect for cooking/ baking with!

We all know wonderful shrubs are on the palate, so our experts and experts around the world, compiled a list of other great places where shrubs can be used to increase flavor. We found that things like mayonnaise, marinades, soups, stews, meats, and many more items can double in flavor with just a little addition of shrubs.

It might sounds weird, but remember as flavor enhancers there is no alcoholic content in shrubs. Making them virtually perfect for anyone to consume. So what did we do?

We produced the e-book Shrubs – The Secret Ingredient, so that you can have all the wonderful out of the ordinary recipes for shrubs! Written by containing over 30 different recipes you will be sure to find some other ways to love and use shrubs!

The best part about good shrub recipes is that after you enjoy your delicious meal you can feel free to sit back and enjoy the perfect cocktail. Don’t hesitate. Get our e-book and you will see just how much use our shrubs can bring to your life.

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