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Bitters Lab Habenero Lime Bitters 118ml


Country of origin:   USA        Alcohol content: 40.0% Alcohol by Volume

Explosive amounts of habanero flavor with minimal heat.  Grassy and woody undertones compliment these bitters nicely. The heat is somewhat intense, but comes on later and does not overpower the palate.

Drinks: Pairs well with tequila, margaritas, beer cocktails & is an excellent addition to your Bloody Mary.  

Food: Makes a superb salad dressing, and is a great addition to spice up any dish.

About Bitters Lab:

In 2010 they developed an obsession with whiskey, handcrafted cocktails and their relationship with bitters. This obsession lead them to begin experimenting with making their own bitters, in the basement of their home - dubbed the "bitters lab". After many years testing and perfecting their recipes they decided it was time to share their bitters with the community.  

So in 2014 they created Bittersweet and launched at the local farmers markets. At Bittersweet they served brûléed fruit made with organic infused sugars, house-made bitters and a bit of fire.

Over the course of the season, they found that people not only loved the desserts they were selling, but everyone kept wondering when they were going to sell their bitters. So in 2015 they decided to launch Utah's first premium cocktail bitters company, they closed Bittersweet, and re-opened as Bitters Lab.


Bitters Lab Habenero Lime Bitters 118ml Reviews

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