Country of origin:   UK         Alcohol content: 40% Alcohol by Volume.

"More Juniper Bitters!", we hear you call. The Bitter Bastards folks are happy to oblige — presenting their Juniper Bitters, now available in 100ml bottles! These rapidly-macerated, centrifugally-extracted bitters are marvellous in a Martini, and really help the juniper-y notes of any gin-based cocktail stand out.

About Bitter Bastards:

Bitter Bastards represents a whole new approach with a huge range of innovatively produced, single-botanical cocktail bitters. Instead of filtration (where oils can be lost) and flocculation (where chemical agents are added) they use a centrifuge, separating the particulate to clarify the bitters without loss of flavour.

Standardisation, in terms of flavour intensity and bitterness, has also been brought in across the range, with the amount of natural bittering agent added (gentian root is used) depending on the bitterness of the individual botanical. All this should be music to the ears of bartenders and cocktail enthusiasts alike!


Brand Bitter Bastards
Shipping Weight 0.2450kg
Shipping Width 4cm
Shipping Height 13cm
Shipping Length 4cm

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