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BarConic: Copper Julep Strainer


BarConic Julep Strainer

The BarConic® Copper Plated Julep Strainers are the perfect combination of style and efficiency, making them a great addition to any collection of bartending gear.

Any bartender will tell you how important it is to have a high quality julep strainer in your arsenal, and when it comes to professional bartending and crafting premium cocktails, a julep strainer is guaranteed to be one of your biggest assets behind the bar.

The shape and design of this strainer was engineered to fit almost any standard and large mixing glasses, and is a big part of creating quality cocktails. With our julep strainer you can prevent any pulp, seed, fruit, herbs or ice from lingering in the cocktail causing it to loose that professional, quality look. The classic design of this strainer coupled with the sleek copper plated finish gives this piece a timeless touch, and the vintage look gives the impression that this julep strainer came straight from a prohibition era speakeasy!

The elegant look of this BarConic® Copper Plated Julep Strainer added to its efficient functionality makes this a necessity in any bar.

  • Prevents ice and debris from being dispersed
  • Long handle for easy grip
  • Classic copper design
  • Fits most standard and large mixing glasses

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