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BarConic: Antique Gold Coated 4 Prong Strainer

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BarConic Antique Gold Coated 4 Prong Strainer

The craft cocktail and professional bartending movements are bringing some more traditional and classic bartending elements back into style. Our BarConic® Antique Gold Coated Strainer features an antique gold finish that shows off a rustic look your guests are sure to appreciate. It's has all the elements of a standard Hawthorne strainer including the 4 side prongs, flexible spring and perforated top. The four prongs are used to fit and secure onto the rim of your mixing glass or shaker tin for a seamless pour.

This Hawthorne style of strainer is an industry standard for bar professionals while its antique finish offers an elegant upgrade to the common bar tool. Perfect for mixologist who want to elevate their craft cocktail preparation and presentation. We also offer matching silver bar tools with the antique finish to create a full bar display in this charming style.

Note: Product is not dishwasher safe. Recommended to hand wash.

  • Fits most size mixing glasses / cocktail shaker tins
  • Four prong grip for added stability when straining
  • Hand wash recommended
  • Antique gold finish

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