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Bar40 Bitters Sweet Bitters 100ml

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Country of origin:   Canada          Alcohol content: 50% Alcohol by Volume

Please note, some bottles may have slightly low fill lines.

Notes of vanilla and cocoa strike the tongue immediately with the sweet bitters. This is followed by a strong profile of flavours that lead to a broad and complex mixture.  Adding this is great way to counteract strong liquored bitters and balance out overly citrus based cocktails.  One of the more utilized and complex blends of the selection, it offers excellent flavour without added sweeteners. 

About Bar 40:

Bar40 Bitters is a progressive craft bitters company. Local to Toronto’s burgeoning cocktail scene,  Bar 40 make these bitters to improve the arsenal of creating next level cocktails. Their intention is to provide complimentary bitters based on the tongue and how we taste flavours. The company is founded and operated by Jamie Beurklian and Robin Jervis.

The intention of Bar 40 is to provide complimentary bitters based on the tongue and how we taste flavours. In the past, they’ve found cocktail bitters to be rather drastic, often taking attention away from the the rest of the cocktail.  Bar chefs like themselves are faced with the challenge of choosing bitters that hopefully fits the cocktail creation. However, the people at Bar40 Bitters address this by providing complimentary bitters based on the five gustatory taste receptors. Each flavour includes the compulsory bitter component and is paired with either sweet, sour, salty or umami (savoury) flavour profiles. This empowers the bar chef or cocktail creator to chose the specific taste profile of their liking for their personalized cocktail creations.

How they do things at Bar 40 Bitters is based on precision, creativity and iteration. They strive for a high level of quality and complexity with their bitters. They hand craft small batches from organic fruits and spices. Every batch is hand made and is slightly varied. They use neutral grain spirit to bring out the best flavours in their extractions. 

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