Country of origin:   USA          Alcohol content: 38.3% Alcohol by Volume

AZ Bitters Lab's house bitters is a complex blend of twelve trade route herbs and spices including cinnamon, galangal, ginger, & myrrh. Use this intoxicating elixir in any recipe that calls for aromatic bitters to enliven your libations. From their house to your house.

About AZ Bitters Lab 

AZ Bitters Lab is Arizona’s first research and production laboratory for the creation of small batch, hand-crafted cocktail bitters and flavor extracts. You can use these bitters in a variety of ways such as a dash or two in cocktails, add a few drops in your coffee or sparkling water, and as a flavor extract option in baking or cooking.

Their story goes something like this…Lillian Buitenhuys is an Arizona native from Gilbert and Bill Buitenhuys grew up in Boston. After marrying, they spent their first years together in New England. While there we enjoyed the wine and food scene of Boston, and grew to enjoy pairing obscure wines with food creations at home.

After landing back in Phoenix; they found that some wonderful local bartenders were doing fun things in pairing cocktails with food. The ability to tune a cocktail to play off of food flavor profiles really resonated with them. The more they talked with bartenders, the more they learned of the arrays of house-made tinctures, infusions, and bitters that were hiding behind these bars.

This intrigued them even more, enough so that they started experimenting in little Mason jars with various herbs, zests, spices, and spirits. The little Mason jars grew to larger Mason jars. They started sharing samples with family, friends, and those bartenders that lit this fire under them. With so much positive feedback, they would add more of this, change out this ingredient to that, and keep on experimenting until they felt they nailed a few recipes.

So now they’ve moved from Mason jars to a much larger scale with a focus to build that little explosion of flavor that really is food-focused. Their ingredients are carefully sourced from local vendors; everything is hand chopped and blended. They do all the mixing, tasting, bottling, and labeling by hand. The end result is a bottled product that they are proud to put their name on.

They will continue those Mason jar experiments and when they find the next winning recipe we will bring that to you as well. In the meantime, please enjoy their flavor bursts in your cocktails, drinks, baked goods, or other recipes. Have fun! Experiment!


Barcode # 727908503562
Brand AZ Bitters Lab
Shipping Weight 0.2400kg
Shipping Width 5cm
Shipping Height 5cm
Shipping Length 12cm

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