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Australian Superfood Co Wattleseed Extract 50ml

AUD $19.95

Country of origin:   Australia         Alcohol content: 24% Alcohol by Volume

Wattleseed was a mainstay of the diet of Indigenous Australians for much of their history. Wattleseed is known for its ability to survive tough weather conditions and provide a valuable source of protein and carbohydrate.  It has a nutty, mild chocolate flavour and aroma.  It's ideal for adding to your coffee, casseroles, sauces and desserts.

All extracts are carefully crafted from 100% natural herbs & seeds and are highly concentrated, so a little goes a long way.


The Australian Superfood Co has found a new way to deliver delectable and nutritious Australian native herbs.  They've bottled their essence, so that it is simple for you to add a new dimension to your drinks and cooking.  These extracts are so versatile and will enhance all types of cooking, baking and drinks.

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