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Australian Bitters Company Aromatic Bitters 250ml


Country of origin:   Australia         Alcohol content: 45% Alcohol by Volume

Australian Bitters is a hand crafted aromatic bitters, which has been carefully crafted by mixology experts to deliver an exceptional taste.

Combining over 20 natural botanicals Australian Bitters Company has created the perfect artisanal small batch bitters.

A traditional and aromatic bitters, once used for medicinal purposes, but now used to add flavour to recreate the perfect balanced cocktail or long drink.

Australian Bitters Company Aromatic Bitters 250ml Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

Not good

Posted by Jane on 1st Jun 2015

Found very little flavour & had to use more than twice as much as Angostura. Disappointing to see ingredients sourced from here & overseas, so not really Australian! The addition of colours & preservatives also added. Time honored recipe? I dont think so

Good Bitters

Posted by Richard on 28th Apr 2015

When I used some Australian Bitters in a gin and tonic as if it were Angostura, I found that I couldn't really taste it. To a second glass of G&T I added [unscientifically] more - perhaps double or 2.5 times a typical Angostura dose. Now I could taste it and found good, fragrent aromatic flavours with a mellow warmth. A good alternative to Angostura and Australian too [although at least distributed in Australia by Coca Cola].