Adelaide Hills The Bitter Orange Aperitif 700ml

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Adelaide Hills The Bitter Orange Aperitif 700ml


Country of origin:   AUSTRALIA         Alcohol content: 20% Alcohol by Volume


This is a  product the folk at Adelaide Ditillery had long desired to produce, an orange style aperitif reminiscent of the orange bitters of Italy.

Tasting Notes

An Australian expression marrying traditional European bittering herbs with predominantly Australian ingredients at its core. The nose is herbal, floral and bursting with bright Riverland orange. The palate is deliciously bitter, fresh and citrus driven.

About Adelaide Hills

The Adelaide Hills in South Australia is home to some of Australia’s most revered farms, orchards and gourmet producers, with its celebrated cool climate providing perfect conditions for growers and farmers alike. It is this enviable landscape that is the inspiration for Adelaide Hills Distillery. They use only the highest quality produce, sourced both locally and from other premium regions both interstate and around the world. They make use of the premium water available in their backyard. Commitment to quality is their driving philosophy.

Adelaide Hills The Bitter Orange Aperitif 700ml Reviews

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