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5 by 5 Aromatic Bitters 140ml

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Country of origin:   USA        Alcohol content:  40% Alcohol by Volume

Five by Five Aromatic Bitters strike a balance between old-fashioned and modern aromatic bitters.  These bitters are highly complex and blended based on the individual characteristics of our botanicals.  The purpose of these bitters is to compliment the flavors of modern craft spirits and mixers while imparting a bold and interesting flavor to any style of cocktail.  This is a truly handmade product crafted meticulously from botanical to bottle.

Mixing notes:

These bitters pair exceptionally well with the vanilla and spice flavors in most craft American whiskies.  The botanical arrangement in these bitters is meant to compliment and never clash with modern craft American gin.

Tasting notes:

Pepper and subtle bitters initially, and a strong aromatic activity in the nose.


Water, Alcohol, Gentian, Herbs and Spices

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