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5 by 5 Aged Citrus Bitters 140ml


Country of origin:   USA        Alcohol content:  40% Alcohol by Volume

Five by Five’s Aged Citrus Bitters are unique in that their aged component does not come from aging the bitters themselves, it comes from selecting citrus varieties at various stages of maturity from fresh to aged.  This gives the Aged Citrus Bitters a wider range of flavors than you will find in any other citrus bitters available from the aromatic flavor of citrus peel to the savory flavor of aged tangerine peel.  This is a truly handmade product crafted meticulously from botanical to bottle.

Mixing notes:  

This is an extremely versatile citrus bitters able to mix well in all traditional uses of citrus bitters, while also imparting enough balanced savory flavor to shine in cocktails where normal citrus flavor wouldn’t.

These bitters pair well with brandy, vermouth, and work exceptionally well in a martini.

Tasting notes:

Savory and warm with complex citrus notes.


Water, Alcohol, Aged Tangerine Peel, Gentian, Herbs and Spices

5 by 5 Aged Citrus Bitters 140ml Reviews

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