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The Bitter Truth Special Promo

Posted by Only Bitters on

The Bitter Truth SPECIAL PROMO!

To celebrate the Award-Winning products in The Bitter Truth range, we are offering not one, but two, special gift promotions for the month of Nov 2017! 

Please note, you may be eligible for both gifts! 

Limited Edition Bitters Spice Rack

Limited Edition Wood Bitters Spice Rack - One (empty) Spice Rack FREE with every purchase of 2 or more bottles of The Bitter Truth 200ml bitters.

- One per customer. While supplies last.

Limited Edition Glass Bitters Bottle 

Limited Edition glass Bitters Bottle with dasher - One (empty) Bitters Bottle FREE with every purchase of $75 or more of products from The Bitter Truth range (includes liqueurs).

- One per customer. While supplies last.

Please enter the Coupon Code during the ordering process: TRUTH17

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The Many Faces of Bitters

Bittersare to a barman as spices are to a chef. Bitters are the final piece of that cocktail puzzle that makes your drink to die for. Many bitters started out as medical tonics back in the day but they are now used mainly to add concentrated flavor stimulants to your drinks. They are the perfect mix of sweet and [...]

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